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About us

There are three kinds of freelance writers:

  • Newbies breaking into the writing field or searching for moonlighting money.
  • Out-of-work writers killing time until they find a real job.
  • Writers who freelance by choice, and have the talent to attract clients.

You’ll find only the third choice here at Working Writers of Wisconsin. Most of us have blue-chip backgrounds as senior writers for major corporations, publishers and ad agencies. We’ve learned that a truly good writer can work very profitably as an independent. We have found our greener pastures, and plan to stay for the duration.

That’s important if you’re looking for a seasoned writer who can be trusted as a vital member of your team. Until now, finding us meant knowing somebody who knows somebody. Now, all you need is our directory. Click on a link in the column on the right to choose a writer by a specialty that meets your needs. You’ll find an incredible amount of talent is only a mouse click away.

Meetings and events

Working Writers of Wisconsin tries to get together as a group on a regular basis. About half of our meetings are social in nature, with no particular agenda but perhaps with a shared adventure. The other half of our meetings are informative… a presentation on a topic of interest.

Email lists

Working Writers of Wisconsin maintains two email lists:

  • Members The Members email list is only available to current members of Working Writers of Wisconsin. It’s used for members to discuss things or to pass along opportunities. New members are subscribed automatically; departing members are removed automatically.
  • Associates The Associates email list is primarily used to send announcements of Working Writers of Wisconsin meetings and events to all subscribers. Open discussions are welcome as well. Click the link at the beginning of this paragraph to visit the Associates email list signup page.
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