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Are smart phones replacing smart writers?

I recently stumbled upon a hilarious website featuring screen shots of email and text messages that had gone horribly wrong. The author’s smart phone, being oh-so-intelligent, graciously replaced certain words in the messages unbeknownst to the writer, and the messages were sent. Confusion, hilarity, and even fury colored the terse responses before the mess was cleared up with… another message!

It reminded me of an email I sent to a colleague lamenting my recent computer crash. Pecking out the message on my phone, I wrote, “Here I come, Carbonite” only to have my “smart” phone spell check it to “Here I come, carnivore!” Embarrassing? Absolutely. But thankfully, it was intended for a colleague who could laugh about it instead of a client or prospect!

So, in a world where “smart” phones know more about what we intend to communicate than we do, the question arises, “Do we even need writers anymore?”

In the words of my carnivore-responding friend, “What?????”

Written by Michele Dasek, an independent writer in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

One Response to “Are smart phones replacing smart writers?”

  • Thanks for the big chuckle, Michele! This just happened between me and my 25-year-old son recently. His text message made absolutely no sense, so when I responded, “What???” his message back was “My ‘smart’ phone isn’t so smart.”

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