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Don’t Be Afraid to Hire a Freelance Writer

Some clients are skeptical that a freelance writer can quickly understand their company and industry – and then deliver exactly the right message. Relax. We’re adept at conducting research and probing for the information we need. You’re not grooming us to be an expert and speak at conferences. You simply want a translator. A translator who tells a British diplomat what a Japanese diplomat is saying does not have to be a career diplomat. He or she merely has to understand two languages. What did I know about neuroradiology before a PR firm asked me to summarize new research findings for a press kit? (Not much.)

When you challenge a freelancer to jump into your strange new world, think of it as a homework assignment. We all pretty much got A’s and B’s in college. We’ll give you at least a B – as long as we have clear direction regarding the finished product. In fact, ask for a detailed outline before the writer crafts a single word. In many cases, you’ll get an A. That’s how we stay in business. We want you to call again and again.

So, please don’t be afraid to hire a freelance writer. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Our inquisitiveness and creativity will bring a fresh approach to the project, which may be difficult for insiders to achieve.

FYI, we don’t charge extra for fresh approaches because we enjoy them too much.

Written by Joe Fumo (, an independent writer in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.


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