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FedEx Office needs to slap someone at their ad agency

A friend of mine needed to send a fax, and I wasn’t busy so I went with him to the local FedEx Office store. So we got his fax sent, and we’re standing at the counter checking out. I looked down on the counter and there’s this beautifully done advertising mat (kind of like a jumbo mouse pad, maybe 12″ x 18″) on the counter. I looked at it, and it says something in big type about how three of their most popular large-format pieces are now on sale: posters, banners, and (nothing). Did someone at the ad agency fail first grade arithmetic (a quick web search indicates that it’s probably BBDO, who should definitely know how to count to three)? If you’re going to advertise that there are three things on sale, you really, really ought to list all three of them.

In addition to that bit of bone-headed stupidity, the bottom inch and a half or so is taken up by a picture of an American Express card and a line of text that trumpets that FedEx Office gladly accepts the American Express card. Okay, that’s cool… joint promotions are a good thing for both businesses. However… they cleverly forgot to put the FedEx Office logo anywhere on the piece. The only way to tell whose advertisement this was was the fairly small and not very noticeable URL pointing to a page on the FedEx site. It’s a sorry state of affairs when it’s easier to identify the secondary advertiser than the primary.

Yep, FedEx Office needs to slap someone at their ad agency. At the same time, somebody at FedEx needs to get called on the carpet and reamed good and proper as well for approving this crappy example of “professional” advertising.

I haven’t forgiven FedEx yet for discarding the well-known Kinkos brand. On the plus side, I will compliment FedEx Office for hanging a banner on the store window with the Kinkos logo on it… seems that folks apparently aren’t as tuned in to thinking of a FedEx Office store for copying and the like as they were with Kinkos.

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