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Membership in Working Writers of Wisconsin is open to Wisconsin residents who have been full-time professional freelance writers for at least a year.

Members benefits include:

  • the privilege of using Working Writers as a professional credential
  • a listing on our web site
  • participation in our business building campaigns
  • free participation in our regular meetings
  • insider information from our members email list
  • an optional free email address on the Working Writers of Wisconsin domain (e.g.,

Membership is granted after:

  • completing our membership application (below)
  • having a portfolio of your work reviewed by the volunteer auditors on our membership committee
  • having a professional website (preferably with its own unique domain name) reviewed by the volunteer auditors on our membership committee
  • approval by our leadership team
  • attending a meeting
  • payment of dues (currently $75 per calendar year; prorated by the month in which all these requirements are completed)

After you submit your membership application, you’ll be contacted by someone from our membership committee.

Thank you for considering an association with Working Writers of Wisconsin. For further information, contact us by email:

Privacy policy

The information on this form will be made available to our membership committee and leadership committee. If you are accepted for membership and pay the membership fee, we will disclose your name and website address on this website. If you do not have a website, we will disclose your email address on this website in place of a website address. Your full contact information will be disclosed to all members when we distribute the members contact list each year.

Membership application form

Join us

  • Working Writers of Wisconsin provides a list of specialties to allow potential clients to select writers who provide specific services (see the specialties list in the right column). Please select which of our specialties in which you'd like to be listed. You must choose at least one specialty and you may choose up to ten specialties as part of your membership in Working Writers. If you feel you'd like to be included in more than ten specialties, you'll be assessed a fee of $10.00 for each additional specialty you select.

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