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Let a Freelance Writer Help Your Company Find its Voice

My son’s high school AP English teacher had me busting my buttons at parent/teacher conferences this week. She said Matthew has wonderful voice in his writing. “Even if his name wasn’t on the paper, I’d know exactly who wrote it,” she smiled, adding that voice in writing is something that’s difficult to teach. “Many times, people either have it or they don’t,” she said.

While clients may not consciously realize it when they hire a freelance writer, they’re often searching for a way to develop a strong voice that’s heard in the marketplace. Let me assure you that experienced freelance writers are masters of their own voice and the voices of their clients. We’re skilled at picking up the nuances of your business and objectives and weaving them into copy that specifically hones in on the message you want customers to receive—and then act upon.

In our busy, competitive communication world, a strong voice connects your company with your customers and potential customers. Often, it’s how a customer makes the first connection to you. Defining your company’s personality, it helps customers understand who you are and how your business can help them. Plus, it lets customers know if your company and its products are a good fit for them. In the end, it sets your company apart from your competition.

Whether it’s the message you send in a product brochure, an e-newsletter, a website or a magazine ad, a freelance writer can creatively harness the pieces of information you want to convey and ensure your message is clear, consistent and strong—in a voice that’s uniquely yours.

Written by Kris Sobczak, an independent writer and editor in Germantown, Wis.

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