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Links for writers

Wisconsin author Lisa Lickel’s Tips and Resources Page

Lisa has put together a great compilation of tips and resources for writers. Of particular interest is the list of online resources (scroll down).

Copy Editor

This is the site for the print newsletter Copy Editor: Language News for the Publishing Profession (available in print only). The site focuses on American English and features:

  • updates on usage and style
  • answers to sticky copy-editing questions
  • new words
  • reviews of reference books for editors
  • editors’ opinions on arbitrary points of usage
  • interviews with linguists and lexicographers
  • excerpts from house stylebooks

The Slot: A Spot for Copy Editors.

This site is fun reading. Bill Walsh, whose day job is copy chief for the Washington Post, uses his web site to offer useful, opinionated, sharp advice on many style issues. Sections include:

  • The Curmudgeon’s Stylebook
  • Sharp Points
  • What Exactly is a Copy Editor?
  • About this Site
  • About the Author.

Mike Starr’s list of style guides

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